The Complex Mess of Insurance and the Insurance Management Process

Posted by Jason on Mar 16, 2018 3:45:06 PM

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It may just be the understatement of the year – our nation’s health insurance system is a mess. A 2016 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration revealed that 21 million people aged 12 or older in the U.S. needed substance use treatment and about 82% didn't receive it. That is one huge gap and something that Elevated Billing is dedicated to changing as soon as possible through our insurance management process and mental health billing consulting. One major reason for the gap is that even though about 50% of the time, insurance companies pay claims as they should, the other 50% are held up for various reasons. A 2015 survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness found that nearly one third of private-insurer customers reported denials of mental health care for themselves or family members based on “not medically necessary,” which is more than double the percentage of patients who were denied general medical care.

The experts at Elevated Billing make it our mission to navigate the complex maze of insurance for the benefit of our behavioral health facility clients and their patients. With our unique insurance management process, we are sorting through the insurance mess and we are doing it with the thorough attention to detail that generates fast and positive results.

Elevated Billing offers unparalleled mental health billing consulting ethics, performance and technology. Elevated Billing’s Authorization department has a team of 29 experts with credentials ranging from registered nurses, licensed therapists, and a myriad of other areas of mental health specialties. They have the know-how and the perseverance to appropriately implement our insurance management process for the benefit of your patients.

Our performance track record and results for mental health billing consulting include, on average, less than 60 minutes for verification of benefits. Our advocates successfully advocate for patients’ longer lengths of stay including, on average: Detox: 5-7 days, Residential Treatment Centers: 25-28 days, Partial Hospitalization Program: 18-22 days, Intensive Outpatient Program: 30-35 days. We implement a highly effective appeal process and overturn 33% of doctor to doctor review denials. Contact us to discuss your billing challenges and we will help you with our mental health billing consulting solutions.