4 Reasons to Start Tracking Your Outcomes NOW

Posted by Joanna Conti on Oct 11, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Joanna Conti, Founder & CEO
Vista Research Group, Inc.

The number of addiction treatment centers now monitoring their patients during treatment and
following up with them post-treatment has reached a critical mass. Commercial programs who continue
to hold off on quantifying their outcomes are risking being left behind.  Tracking your outcomes is becoming invaluable for a number of reasons:


  1. Outcomes data is becoming key to negotiating with payers for higher reimbursement rates and additional days.  Jessica Anderson (CEO of Elevated Billing), Ben Dittman (CEO of Avea Solutions) and I collaborated in a data-filled webinar titled “Outcomes = Income: Preparing for Your Next Critical Payer Negotiation” two weeks ago.  If you missed it, you can now watch this webinar at your convenience by clicking the screen below:  
  2. Conquer Addiction has started to recognize the addiction treatment programs with the best post-treatment outcomes with their annual Excellence in Treatment awards.  All addiction treatment centers following up with their patients post-treatment are eligible to apply, and centers with post-treatment success rates in the top third will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.  View the 2019 winners and download the rules for the 2020 award at www.excellenceintreatment.com.  Please note that in order to apply for the 2020 awards, you will need to provide six month post-treatment results on at least 25 patients who discharge from your program no later than 12/31/19.

  3. Comparing your results to norms allows you to continually improve the treatment your program provides and your center’s inclusion in the research allows the field as a whole to improve.  The Vista Research Network database currently contains real-world data on more than 23,000 patients in addiction treatment, and is growing rapidly.  As reported in this Behavioral Healthcare article, analysis of this rich database is starting to uncover important findings of broad interest to the field of addiction treatment.   

Vista Research Group, the leader in addiction treatment outcomes measurement, is offering a 10% discount to Elevated Billing clients who sign up for outcomes research by October 24th.

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This is a very exciting time for the field of addiction treatment.  Treatment center leaders are finally able to measure and compare their outcomes to those of other programs, which can be expected to lead to a period of rapid improvement in treatment effectiveness.   Please join with us, and other industry leaders who are doing everything in our power to improve addiction treatment success rates.

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