Enhance Your Behavioral Health Billing Service

Posted by Austin Swim on Dec 1, 2014 1:44:01 PM

Benefits of The Joint Commission Accreditation 

One way to have your behavioral health billing service stand out among the rest is to have a behavioral health accreditation by The Joint Commission.  Accreditation is rewarded to many different facets of the healthcare industry, behavioral health being only one of them.

Accreditation is an important process because it shows that your company upholds a specific level of professionalism and quality to prospective clients. Let's go into why your company may want to consider the annual cost to take advantage of the services available through The Joint Commission.

Program Structure for Enhanced Management

Paving the way for accreditation makes it easier for companies to establish solid company structures and industry standard programs. In following the steps provided by the professional certified surveyors you can expect an educational and consultative approach. At the end of the process your company will be able to take your company to the next level.

Promotes a Healthy Company Culture

Companies which are accredited understand the importance of consistency and pride. Only companies willing to uphold the guidelines of accreditation will be awarded.  This creates culture with expectations for results and consistency across all healthcare and healthcare service operations.

Rise Above Your Competitors

Accreditation shows potential customers that you can be trusted with their healthcare services. Potential behavioral health billing service customers can look up your business at qualitycheck.org and see how you compare to your closest competitors. The ability to research and compare puts any uncertainty at rest and gives them confidence in your business.

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How Can I be Prepared?

The Behavioral Health Accreditation Team at the Joint Commission will provide an array of services at your business' disposal. Including an account executive to help you transition. You'll also have the ability to speak with a mentor organization to help your business through the initial steps. Once your organization is ready to apply, your business  can make an appointment immediately or schedule a much later time after application.

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